Welcome to Argos Jr.-Sr. High School

Front view of Argos Junior Senior High School

The Argos Experience

Argos Junior Senior High School provides a positive learning environment where all students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. An enriched academic education is provided by teachers who foster a love of life-long learning in the classrooms. Student driven clubs, competitive sports, and extracurricular activities are promoted to further develop character and leadership qualities. With our unique ability to coach the whole student and instill the value of each individual, Argos graduates leave our school ready to embrace challenges and find success in a changing society.

Argos AP Accomplishments
  • Compared to Base Year (2016), Argos has increased AP enrollments on average of 165% during each year. 
  • 2019-2020 saw an increase of 300%
  • Success rates in AP exams has increased on average of 161% compared to base year (2016)
  • 2019-2020 increased 422%
  • 8th Annual AP College Board AP District Honor Roll
  • College Board Midwest Region Teacher of the Year, Jon Arndt

Are you ready to invest in an enriched education and experiences that cultivate the whole person? Call us today to learn how our school will rise to the challenge. 574.892.5139