High Ability Program


Argos Community School Corporation recognizes that some students perform at, or have the potential to perform at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in core academic areas. These students are found in all racial, ethnic, and socio economic groupings of students, and we recognize the need to identify these students using a systematic and ongoing approach. High ability learners require differentiated, accelerated, and inspiring learning experiences.  Argos Community Schools’ high ability program provides the rigor, responsiveness, and support required to maximize academic potential and emotional development of our students leading to the pursuit of excellence. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Argos Community Schools is to provide educational choices which will engage, challenge and support high ability learners to reach their full intellectual, social-emotional, and creative potential.

Program Goals

  • The goals and objectives of Argos Community School Corporation’s high ability plan are as follows: 
  • Implement an unbiased identification process using multi-faceted quantitative and qualitative measures. 
  • Create a variety of program options designed to help HA students achieve maximum growth. 
  • Provide professional development for educators to allow them to meet the unique needs of the HA learner. 
  • Evaluate, reflect, revise the HA program annually to provide the most effective programming for the ACS HA student.