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Argos Community Schools
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Welcome to Argos Community Schools!

"Our Motto"
Argos Community Schools has always followed the tradition of providing quality instruction to all students so that they can achieve success in learning. With our staff focused on helping students reach higher levels of achievement, Argos Community Schools is committed to delivering exceptional educational programs for all children. Our goal is to maintain excellence to ensure the success of every child. Argos Dragons take pride in our school and daily strive to exemplify our motto,
"Where Kids Come First"

Argos Junior-Senior High School has always had the philosophy that size should not limit success or hinder progress. This philosophy was manifested when Argos’ first school was built in 1847. The new school bell, an innovation in communication, was the only one in the area. The bell now greets visitors who enter the high school lobby, and it remains a symbol of Argos schools’ commitment to progress. The current building was completed in 1957 and houses both the elementary and secondary levels.

The building houses an excellent auditorium used by the school events and the community. Two new computer labs were installed in the beginning of 2010. The town of Argos is located in north central Indiana on U.S. 31 and has a population of approximately 2000. The community is a mixture of small town with rural surroundings. A large park facility has been added next to the soccer field beside the school building. The 2012-2013 school year has 629 students attending Argos Community Schools. 

Fifty-one of these students live outside the corporation limits and have chosen to attend Argos Community Schools due to the establishment of high expectations. The junior-senior high school has a population of 303 students. 59% of our students are not first generation students, i.e., their parents and even grandparents were Argos Dragons at one time.

Argos High School was the recipient of a bronze medal in 2009 and received a silver medal rating in 2012. The recognition was from U.S. News and World Report. Argos High School was named one of “America’s Best High Schools” in the School Matters section. This is quite an honor with fewer than 500 schools nation-wide receiving this distinction.


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