Argos Community Schools Student Assistance Plan

It is a benefit provided by Argos Community Schools that provides every student two (2) free prepaid sessions of counseling at any Bowen Center outpatient location. Services may also be provided at a school site if available. 

All Argos Community Schools students have two (2) free sessions. There is no co-pay, deductible, or pre-authorization required. Services excluded from coverage include medication management, psychological testing & inpatient care.

Yes. Parental consent is required for any child under the age of 18. After the initial two counseling sessions, parents and students may decide if they would like to continue in treatment at their own cost. Bowen Center has fee assistance for those who qualify. There is no obligation to continue treatment.

Bowen Center has locations in Warsaw, Wabash, Plymouth, Huntington, Angola, Auburn, Fort Wayne, LaGrange, Syracuse, Columbia City, and Albion.

1) Parents may refer their children directly to the Bowen Center
2) Students may refer themselves without consent of their guardian
3) School staff may assist families in making referrals to Bowen Center

All sessions are private and confidential. Privacy laws protect student information unless there is written consent to release protected health information.

Yes. Students have access to their two (2) prepaid sessions at any time during the academic year and summer break.

Simply call Registration and Scheduling at 1.800.342.5652 and state, "I am the parent of a Argos Community Schools student and would like to schedule counseling sessions for my child." If you have more questions please call Rebecca Ackermann 260.925.8035.

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